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I have always been goal driven, restless. Ready to take on the next challenge. When I finished college and started working as an occupational therapist at a rehab hospital, I loved working with people and providing a meaningful service – helping people get back to functioning in their lives. A few years in and two kids later, I realized how precious my role as mom really was and I wanted nothing but to savor each moment with them as they grew, seemingly overnight.  My career and personal goals suddenly seemed less important. My babies were the sweetest, most precious little beings and I did not want to miss a second with them,.

Being a mom is a wonderful privilege. And being present for the important moments was all I wanted. Fast forward a few years, however, and the kids were growing up and that itch to succeed returned. Being home changed me, though. I was no longer content, working hard for someone else and I began to realize that I was not satisfied working my entire life for someone else, around their schedule – but helping people was certainly my passion!

That was when I decided to start my own business and I have not looked back since. Being an entrepreneur or a mom juggling a home and business, hence the name, “mompreneur” is not easy. I have been challenged to do things I have never done before and to face insecurities long buried away. What I have gained during this incredible journey, facing challenges, learning new skills and working hard toward my goals is life changing – is something I plan to share with you. 

My professional experience has led me to this incredible career as a health and wellness coach. Along my  journey as an occupational therapist over the past 20 plus years, working as a hand therapist in orthopedics, I have also been a certified strength and conditioning coach and a registered yoga teacher.  My professional interests have been to help people recover from and prevent injury, pursue their purpose and regain health and well-being  – to promote living a a fulfilled life. Those skills I have gained over the years in the clinic, integrating my health and wellness background, are now available here to help the masses get better health, wellness and living results!

My mission – To help discover a better you!

My goals are to help improve the health, well-being and lifestyle, in each person I encounter, in order to unlock each individual’s full potential.

I also hope to inspire others like me looking to have it all. Whether your a mom wanting a solid source of income while staying at home to enjoy your babies or a professional looking to uncover your best self – I plan to provide the skills and resources needed to Get Better health, well-being and lifestyle success.


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