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Are you eating enough protein?

Protein - Essential for Weight Loss One of the most important nutrients in your body is protein. Without protein, we could not build the muscles needed for our vital organs or the muscles we use to move our limbs. Proteins also functions as enzymes, hormones and...

How to lose fat, not muscle!

The key to metabolic flexibility is being able to switch from carbohydrate burning to fat burning easily. How this is a sign of health and can impact fat loss.

Paleo Diet- Debunked?

Diets like the Paleo diet or caveman diet claim to reap benefits since they are based on our evolution and genetics. But is the paleo diet really what it claims to be? This article examines another perspective.

Metabolism Myths Busted: No “Dieting” Allowed

Looking to shed that stubborn belly fat? Lose that extra weight that stubbornly clings on? Maybe you are experiencing one of these: Fatigue Feeling cold Thinning hair Cracked dry skin Difficulty staying asleep Irregular menses Constipation Slowed digestion Frequent...

Tips for Developing Self-Confidence

No matter what it is you want to accomplish in life, having belief in yourself is a critical component. Without confidence, people will see your insecurities and not have faith in your ability, you may avoid taking necessary risks or you may be caught in a...

What is stopping you from achieving success?

There's no one secret to success, but it doesn't happen by accident, either. Successful people work hard at themselves and their business. People who create a massive impact in life have learned to avoid these five things: Top 5 Roadblocks To Success 1. Dwelling on...

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