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Get Better With Heather is offering the Break-Up With Sugar 5-Day Program for free, so you can have the tools, strategies you need to make a total eating transformation.

Getting Over Sugar is Crucial for Effective long term weight loss
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You do not have to completely change your lifestyle and revamp what you eat every day.

A few small changes and a perspective shift can begin a totally new outlook on your health and help you lose weight for good.

My Break-Up With Sugar 5-Day Program will give you the shortcut version.
You will understand

  • WHY it is so hard to give up sugar
  • HOW its making weight loss impossible long-term
  • Get INSIGHT as to what has stopped you in the past and how to change your mindset for success
  • AND You will know how to identify sugar in your food and make easy food swaps
  • You will get easy doable steps to follow that you can continue with long after the program ends
  • You will learn how to coach yourself through cravings

Finally – get a handle on your cravings and your weight.

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