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It has taken me almost a year to FINALLY be comfortable really being honest and sharing my “WHY”. So, I am in the network marketing business and my job is to share about the products I love and the business opportunity my company with others. Coming from the medical field, I was initially caught up in learning all the details of the products we offer and had to know all the exact benefits of the opportunity that I love so much. In my profession, I educate all day long. I must demonstrate my skill and knowledge to help people better understand how to improve them self and their condition. That is my job.

This experience, however, really slowed me down. In network marketing and when owning a business that is product based, I found that people buy why you do what you do, rather than what you do. People need to connect with you on an emotional level and  “like” you or relate to you. Knowing all the details and being perfectly prepared will slow down your business.

Be coachable. Do what your mentors tell you to do.

I started my business last February. In March and April I hosted two business launches, as we are recommended to do in my company. I had prepared to tell all my friends why I started doing this….but I could not get it out. It was so difficult to reveal! I couldn’t get it out!

I knew this was integral to my business and connecting with people on a deeper level. I knew that was necessary for getting through the hard days. So this sent me on a quest to get to the bottom of my why and learn how to share.

I came to understand this after reading Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”. It has taken me a little longer to put this together and be able to present this to people, but through practice it has gotten much easier.

So what is your “WHY” and why is it so important.

People will relate much more with why you are doing something and this distinguishes you from other people. This is your purpose and passion. This is why you will persevere even after you have heard 100 people say no to your offer. Having a clear why will inspire those around you and create an infectious energy that will authentically draw people closer to you.

Sometimes it is hard to admit to yourself the reason why you are seeking change, what has driven you to start or want to start a business. For me, it was embarrassing. I had worked hard to progress in my profession. I had a job that helped people and a decent income. I had job security. What more could I ask for?

Well, I was extremely unhappy and unfulfilled. I was working harder and harder each year and not making more than , maybe a 2-3% raise. I had a fire in my belly to do more. To take on challenges. To be excited and have control over my time and schedule. I wanted control! My job would never give me this, sadly.

If you are struggling to distinguishing yourself or your business in the market, I challenge you to find the deep connection and articulate this why in a 1-2 minute quick story. Think of this every time you hear a “no” or have a set-back because it is the reason that you will continue to stay passionate and persevere through the ups and down. Lead with your why when telling the world about your business.

Need more help?

Check out Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on Starting with Why!

This site contains affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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