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Health is not perfect. We are not perfect. And that is ok.

I spent a lot of years trying to be “perfect”….straight A’s, staying “skinny”…saying just the right thing…not making mistakes….avoiding failure.

along the way, I learned that…

Perfection is some idea that your not “good enough” or worthy as you are…

Perfection is the need to fill some void, a missing something.

Whether that is the need to have perfect grades like me, perfect manners, perfect body or to be the perfect parent, have perfect kids or a perfect marriage.

Life is messy and is too darn hard trying to strive for something that is NOT attainable. Really! Who gives a damn if you are perfect anyway?

Be ok with imperfect. Be ok not having all the answers.

Perfection is about judgment. Not love. It is striving to be “right”. A feeling of inferiority. A need to not only fit in but be better than the rest.

A need to be above and look down.

Health is not about being perfect, but about being comfortable in your own skin.

Health is not about restriction, but about nourishing from within.

Health is from the inside out, mind, body, AND soul.

It is about loving and respecting yourself enough to feed all of yourself the “right” food.

It is about loving yourself for who YOU are. Being comfortable with your unique self. Your unapologetic self.

Health is feeling good in your skin, having energy, and living longer, happier.

Have respect for your body to take the time to nourish it.

Have respect for yourself to love what exactly you are without harsh judgment.

Love yourself enough to examine what you need and invest in making that improvement.

ALL success starts from mastering your mind.

ALL success starts being healthy.

Healthy is not perfection but starts from having a healthy mind. From that, you can do anything. You can be ok with making mistakes and being true to yourself.

But it all starts with loving yourself.

This site contains affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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