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Looking to shed that stubborn belly fat? Lose that extra weight that stubbornly clings on?

Maybe you are experiencing one of these:

Fatigue Feeling cold Thinning hair
Cracked dry skin Difficulty staying asleep Irregular menses
Constipation Slowed digestion Frequent urination
Low libido Frequent cold Difficulty concentrating
Bloating after a meal Moodiness Weight gain
Brittle nails Excessive thirst Allergies/hypersensitivities

All of the above symptoms can be a sign that your metabolism is suffering!

So, if are one of the many people suffering from a sluggish metabolism, you may be stuck wondering what to do next. Diet? There are many and all have conflicting information. Should you go Keto, Paleo, Vegan?

If you are like me, the information out there is likely to make you feel overloaded, like pulling your hair out!

I am going to give you a few fast and hard rules of what NOT to do when trying to shed some pounds….because the name of the game is to REALLY BOOST your METABOLISM and make it for you NOT against you!

Do NOT go on a radical calorie deficient diet.


Well, diets can, in fact,  sabotage your metabolism by reducing the nutrients your body needs at a cellular level. Sounds very scientific, but really your cells – like a gazillion of them are dependent on nutrition to work right and keep you HEALTHY!

Cells control metabolic pathways and these rely on certain nutrients, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral to function properly. When you deplete nutrition, your body works really hard to save your life (yup, thank you very much!) and you go into starvation mode. Even if you “only” dieting, your body does not distinguish and it starts to hold onto every calorie to survive. Since your body cannot distinguish between a diet or starvation and in order to help you survive, the body protects your weight by hoarding calories.

So, not only will you start holding onto every calorie you ingest, but you will be left prey to lurking viruses, yeasts, fungi, parasites and bacteria.

So, the best start you can take in getting a healthy metabolism is to eat enough NUTRIENT rich calories – this is crucial to have a positive mood, good digestion, healthy motivation and overall a stronger desire to be active. Another benefit of eating healthy without depriving yourself of necessary nutrients is a much more healthy relationship with food. Food deprivation will only leave you with unhealthy cravings and a preoccupation with food.

Your best bet for overall health and long term weight loss success is by practicing moderation and a focus on “healthy” eating.

Here are the top 5 quick and dirty tricks for an overall healthy metabolism:

  • Stop “dieting”
  • Get plenty of rest – sleep 7-9 hours at night
  • Exercise regularly or just be active –  Weight/resistance training is the best for improving lean muscle mass
  • Avoid inflammatory foods (more to come on this)
  • Add metabolism foods that boost metabolism

Now if it were only that simple 😉

Check out my blog post on how to boost your metabolism and find out why the Standard American Diet has had it all wrong.

This site contains affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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