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There’s no one secret to success, but it doesn’t happen by accident, either. Successful people work hard at themselves and their business. People who create a massive impact in life have learned to avoid these five things:

Top 5 Roadblocks To Success

1. Dwelling on mistakes – While you need to recognize your mistakes and learn from them, wallowing in self-pity will only slow your progress. Look at being better than yesterday, however, do not let your mistakes define you today. Dwelling on mistakes or heartaches will do nothing to serve you in meeting your goals.

2. Camparitis – You are your own unique person and on your own unique journey. Looking at what other people are doing or have achieved and rating yourself as a comparison will not help you. You can learn from people, however, be aware of the negativity if that begins to creep in. If you find yourself unable to shut the envy out, then you need to put on the blinders and stay focused on your own course.

3. “Stinkin Thinkin” – Whether your thoughts or those around you are negative, people who are successful know that whatever thoughts they feed there brain will dictate their actions and the results. According to Zig Ziglar – stop the “stinkin thinkin”. That can be your own thoughts or those who you associate with. Take time to feed your brain with positive messages and inspiration. It is like healthy food for the soul and will impact how you approach life. Avoid associating with negative thinkers – You will only be as successful as the 5 people you spend the most time with. Having negative thinkers constantly bringing you down will not help you get through the hard times and persevere when doubt begins to rear its ugly head. If you cannot find positive thinkers, immerse yourself in books and podcasts of inspirational thinkers. Find time in your busy day when you can learn from these people – on your ride into work while folding laundry, when making dinner – there is a plethora of free content out there to help inspire and build a positive mindset. Make it a mission to become positive and shut out the negative.

4. Analysis-paralysis Many of us are so hard-wired to avoid making mistakes and worried about the judgment of others that we overthink it. We get caught up in the details and strive to be perfect. Well, the only way to REALLY learn and move forward is to act and it may not look pretty at first. This action will eventually lead to improvement, competence, and success. Trust your gut, try, fail, learn.

5. Comfort – You will only get so far with the skills you have now. In order to be better, you must become better. That WILL require doing things that are uncomfortable. Get used to that feeling. Growing, improving and getting better will; require you to step outside of your comfort zone quite regularly.

The best advice I can offer is to see that all of the roadblocks, so many more than are listed here are part of the process. See them as a way to learn and build success. Move past them and you will

This site contains affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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