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My Mission is to help people transform their health, well-being and life.


My method for “Getting Better” includes helping the mind, body and soul all come together for optimal results. Most diet plans work in the short-term, but are not sustainable and many do not address underlying areas that impact health. All aspects of life are intertwined and necessary for a healthy body and life. I not only coach on the nutritional and fitness aspects of life, but also the mindset skills and self-care we need to transform to our highest potential.

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My wife and I just concluded the 21 day challenge and I am amazed at the results. I thought at first it would be very difficult to make such drastic changes in my diet – eliminating sugar and most carbs – all at once, but after the first few days the cravings went away and it became much easier. It also helped to be going through this with a partner and having healthy meals and snacks planned out and available. I did not cut portions or stop snacking, but substituted the permitted foods for my usual unhealthy snacks. Within a week I started seeing results – losing a few pounds, clothes fitting looser, belly flattening out. As I progressed through the program I had less bloating and soreness due to inflammation as well. At the end of the three weeks I had lost 16 pounds and at least an inch off my waist!! I felt better than I had in a while too. Adding certain foods back into my diet one at a time over the course of the next few days helped me to understand what effects various foods had on my body, for example which types of food caused bloating and which types of food led to inflammation and soreness. I highly recommend the 21 day challenge to anyone looking to make a positive change in their diet and health.



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