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Are you looking for a more personalized approach to your health goals? Are you tired of the one size fits all solutions and quick fixes popularized in the media?

Have you considered hiring a health coach?

Health coaching is not a quick fix approach to getting healthy or losing weight. It not the role of a health coach to tell you what is best for you. Health coaches are not the experts on you.

You are the expert on you.

What a health coach will do is help you to create clarity on discovering your strengths and motivations to make long-lasting behavior change. Health coaches facilitate a solution that makes sense to you, based on your preferences, strengths, goals and unique self.

You CAN be the boss of your healthy lifestyle plan and do this with the help of a guide that is knowledgeable in the science of health and wellness.

I became a health coach because I saw how the system of healthcare and the dieting industry is broken. Millions of people are given quick fix solutions. Many of them do not work – in the long run.

I help you make a plan that uses your individual strengths, creates awareness of blind-spots and addresses the holistic nature of making long-lasting, healthy lifestyle habits. This is the missing link to many of the ideas out there today that promote healthy living by following a super simple plan. Health, wellness, weight-loss, whatever, your goals may be, are influenced by a complex system.

Find out how I can help you discover your best YOU 🙂


This site contains affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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