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No matter what it is you want to accomplish in life, having belief in yourself is a critical component. Without confidence, people will see your insecurities and not have faith in your ability, you may avoid taking necessary risks or you may be caught in a fear-avoidance loop, going nowhere fast. If this is a problem you face and it is holding you back, use the following 10 techniques to better develop the confidence you need to succeed in your life.

1. Affirmations

In order to really become a big success, you need to affirm that what you want to become. Replace the negative self-talk that whispers self-degradation with positive affirmations every day. Remind yourself as to who you are and start each day with the identity you want. Fore example, you can tell yourself “I have got this”, “I am enough”, “I am going to be successful”, “I am good at this” etc. These positive affirmations will help to break the old habit of negative self-talk and empower you to believe differently. Listen to the real self voice, not the doubts or the voices that tell, you that you are not good enough. Overcome those voices with a daily practice of self-affirmation.

2. Posture

Your body language tells the world and yourself how you feel. Having an open posture, smiling and using the proper body language when engaging with others will help to portray confidence. Hold your posture straight. A firm handshake and good eye contact is the body language of a confident person. Signaling self-confidence will prompt people to treat you as such, boosting your overall self-confidence.

3. Re-frame your feelings

Nervous, anxiousness will cause an upset stomach, sweating, increased heart rate. When you feel the physical symptoms of nervousness, flip the switch to one of excitement. Excitement and anxiety have similar physical manifestations. By re-framing the physical sensations, you are giving your brain a new explanation. Once the brain has been tricked, you can tackle to situation with a new, more confident position.

4. Alter-ego

Step into your future self – Think about the person you want and need to become. Visualize how this will look and feel. Dig for details here. Now, take these traits of your best self and present them to the world. In order to be a success, you need the mindset of success. This may include you getting dressed for success because looking and acting the part will help you feel in control. When you feel in control, people will have confidence in you, as well.

5. Speak assertively

Confident speakers make an impact and being able to assert yourself will give you confidence. Model after your favorite speakers. Listen carefully for inflection and tone. Avoid high pitched, nervous chatter. Practice public speaking and being assertive – this will help raise your self-esteem.

6. Think positive

Positive energy and thinking will attract people toward you. Avoid negative self-talk and comparison with other people. Keep a gratitude journal, as this will begin to train your brain to think positively, help you develop peace and confidence. Positive thinking and gratitude is a mindset that can be treated like a muscle – muscles that are exercised get stronger.

7. Action

Fear, self-doubt and insecurity is multiplied when not acting. Push outside of your comfort zone to do something that is difficult. Practice disciplines and gain competence, as this will breed confidence. Set small goals and achieve small wins, so you can develop confidence in yourself. Small goals may be attending a networking event or an office party. How about striking up a conversation with a store clerk or setting up a casual lunch meeting with a mentor.

8. Get a coach

Having someone praise you and push you from the sidelines is a great way to quickly develop self-confidence. Someone who is unbiased and well versed in pointing out mental obstacles can help you work through weaknesses and compound on your strengths. Gaining feedback and guidance will keep you motivated to keep doing the work and stay on the path of self-mastery.

9. Stay healthy

In order to really feel good about yourself, it is imperative to be taking good care of yourself. This routine should include adequate sleep, exercise and healthy recreational/social activities. A regular exercise routine will help clear the mind, get blood flowing to your brain and help you feel good about yourself. A healthy sleep habit is critical to clarity and healthy foods will also give you the energy needed when learning something new.

10. Help Others

Do something nice for someone else. Helping people, saying something nice or doing something simple to brighten someone’s day is bound to help put a smile on your face. Teach someone something new you have learned. Give back. Feeling good about yourself will certainly boost your self-confidence.

This site contains affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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