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So, last year, after four years of mind numbing graduate classes and just finishing my MBA, I decided to start a home based business. I have been an occupational therapist for over 20 years and loved my profession, but found myself looking for something more. I thought healthcare administration was the answer. Certainly an MBA would open doors for me and I would have more choices. What I really wanted was a chance to work remotely, from home and around my kids crazy schedule.

I am a mom, wife and pet owner. I am committed to living healthy, exercising and eating well. I wear many hats and most of the time and found running around all over creation in my Honda Pilot, bringing my kids here or there. Before starting my home business, I was working at a hospital and coming home completely drained, mentally and physically. When did my job become so hard? I felt sick to my stomach some days. I stressed about getting my work done in time for me to leave and get to the bus stop in time. I worked through lunch and barely had time for bathroom breaks. They call this living?

So when this business opportunity presented itself to me, I got excited. Not at first, however, it took some time. I was first introduced to my company through a friend who was hosting a “facial party”. My sister-in-law invited me to go and I said sure, why not? I could use some help with my skin. I went home that night with my head buzzing – a business? -in skincare? No! No?

Well, I started using the products and was convinced after 3-4 weeks when my 40 year old skin started to transform. This stuff really works! I called my sister-in-law for her opinion, just to be sure. When she confirmed what I already knew deep down, I decided what the heck. I have nothing to lose! That was February 2017 and I have not looked back since the day I enrolled.

It has been the most incredible journey. Not always an easy one, but incredibly fulfilling and exciting! So that is my story. I am a business owner, partnered with a global skincare company and loving every minute of it.

You may be wondering what prompted me to start this blog. Well, over this past year, I have had the most amazing personal development that has not only helped me in my business, but also in life to be a better friend, mother and wife. I have learned to stop over-analyzing and to start doing – even if that doesn’t look pretty.

My goal is to share what I have learned in hopes of helping other people like me, who may have struggled with confidence and personal belief or who just need the mindset for achieving great things.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!



This site contains affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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